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Welcome to my personal gallery.

After photographing the destruction of a tornado months after its wrath in 2011, I stopped and thought about how the destroyed buildings and the families were going to rebuild. Is destruction the start to growth? came to mind and triggered an internal analysis of my own destruction and growth. In 2012, Expression of Noise was subconsciously created in correspondence with Built in Shadows. Built in Shadows is a 20 image gallery, but here I've shown the original six.

Anatomy of Fracas was conceived during a light painting project at Lambton College. This series has just begun. The prop used for the first image has personal meaning, but the following images showcases our inner struggle.

During a trip to New York in September 2013. I was on the hunt for inspiration. I had the opportunity to view Irving Penn's gallery; I loved his use of empty space that triggered an idea. Moments later I walked around the corner and found a 'Sleepy Worker' guarding Mr. Penn's work. Mr. Penn's work enhanced my expression of empty space. On March 24th, 2014 I found 'The Dancer'.

Thank you for taking an interest in my digital art,

Jeff McCoy

Empty Space

Anatomy of Fracas

Built in Shadows

Expression of Noise



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