"Creativity is built around anything
we do and anywhere we choose to build it"
                                      - jeff mccoy


Photography has always been a creative release. I enjoy building fresh ideas and concepts for our photo shoots. Behind the camera I wait for that perfect shot; showcasing your expression in ways you may have never seen before.

For many years the creative side of my brain was non-existent until Kaoss Studios (Kaoss) was born in 2011 on a beach in Brights Grove, Ontario. I was sitting in my low to the ground beach chair enjoying the sunset; thinking about how I would develop Kaoss Studios.

I captured an iPhone picture of a sandcastle; children built earlier out of seagull feathers and the rich sand underneath my feet. I was able to stop and think about the creation of this masterpiece. I wondered why the child decided not to use rocks and sticks for the sandcastle, so I assumed the young child gathered their available surroundings and created, but before that the child had a vision.

I will never forget the words that came to mind “creativity is built around anything we do and anywhere we choose to build it”. Those words and that castle struck a motivating emotion and the announcement of my creative side.

My name is Jeff McCoy, Photographer & Owner of Kaoss Studios. I believe we can build something creative together; if we get started now the future images we create will get stronger and have more personal meaning to both of us. 

Light is our friend - the world is our backdrop

The beginning

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