Jeff has dedicated his passion for photography since the creation of Kaoss Studios in 2011. He quickly learned that photography for the lack of better word “wasn’t easy”. Jeff knew that in order to take his photography to the next level he needed knowledge and endless hours of research. In 2012 Lambton College launched a Digital photography Program. The timing was perfect for Jeff. 

The endurance and knowledge he gained from the program progressed his career in a shorter period of time than learning on his own. Since obtaining his diploma Jeff has sustained himself as a full-time photographer for the past five-years. 

In 2016 Jeff started teaching the basics of photography to high school students for Dual Credit program at Lambton College. He has conducted various workshops for our youth at Lambton College, Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery and co-hosts a confidence building workshop called Smile & Pose too. Jeff gives back to charities and supports his in community whenever possible.